Volunteers of Esperanto Speakers

The newly formed group,Esperantista Volontula Grupo (E-Vo-Go), is an Esperanto speaker volunteer group which does not call for to teach Esperanto.

The objective of the group is to serve the community, whether locally or internationally,via your expertise to help the people to change their life from bad to good.

We do not collect agency fee like other volunteer groups in the world. But, the volunteer has to be able to speak Esperanto before embarking on the volunteer work.

Esperanto is easy to learn, you can either learn it with Esperanto association in your country or online. There are two popular sites besides the Facebook groups and twitter.

1 The Lernu Site,which has more than 40 languages to explain to your and tutor to assist your learning.

2. The Kurso Site from Brazil is a download 12 lessons learning programme with listening etc included.

More infomation may be up date from time to time, you can find the FB group here.


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